Gravit Renovation

Gravit Company provides services in Europe for over 15 years. We work on: polishing, restoration, grinding, impregnation and crystallization of floors, walls and stairs of natural stone terrazzo and conglomerate in client’s place. We renew marble and granite floors, walls and facades made of sandstone, granite, clinker and brick. We carry out repairs and maintenance of stone stairs of marble, granite, sandstone and basalt, sandblasting concrete tanks, remove laitance and insulation of concrete structures. We correct efficiently and professionally poorly arranged and damaged stone floors and make their maintenance by using modern system of floor sanding and renovation. Our services also include: impregnation of granite, marble crystallization, renovation of the facade of sandstone bricks, cleaning walls and facades of buildings, remove the remains of the caking of plaster. We clean facades of buildings by methods such as washing, sanding, grinding. Sandblast buildings with natural stone, brick, wood and plaster, sanding done on wet or dry, for each material, we choose the appropriate technology and abrasive.


We do stone work and carry out the laying of floors, stairs, walls and facade cleaning. We manufacture and install kitchen countertops made of granite, basalt, quartzite and conglomerate. Stonemason services provided by us is a comprehensive customer service from design and material selection through installation to maintenance and renovation.


In department of stonemason we sells natural stone such as granite, marble, sandstone, travertine, conglomerate, basalt and onyx. Our services are also include cutting stone slabs up to 300cm in length, so-called. formatting of natural stone. We carry out renovations of stairs and of historic facades, undertake a comprehensive revitalization of facades of brick and sandstone.

Facade cleaning of England and Wales

We clean the facades of historic buildings by low pressure Remmers Rotec and JOS/TORC, remove any dirt formed on the material without damaging his face and connecting it welds. Streaming nebulous and low pressure are carried out by dry and wet method. For cleaning sandstone and brick, we also use chemistry and compresses, graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings are in the range of services we provide. We carry out renovations of the historic facade of brick and stone, we make bricklaying of brick thread, replacement of joints, merge color brick and sandstone, impregnating the walls of buildings. We prepare conservation projects.

Polishing terrazzo and concrete floors

We polish and grind concrete floor and terrazzo, clean terrazzo on the walls. We renew worn out terrazzo flooring, complement defects in terrazzo, in addition to offering our services include processing of concrete floors with polished concrete technology.

For all made by our company stone work we give a guarantee.

    • We work in convenient for customer hours, as well as at night.
    • We are insured
    • We provide services for institutions and individuals.
    • The work we carry out throughout the country and Europe.


Services provided by our company:

  • Sandblasting.
  • Polishing concrete floors.
  • Grinding of concrete.
  • Cleaning of marble.
  • Renovation of stone floors marble granite travertine.
  • Renovation of the facade of stone and brick.
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning.
  • Cleaning facade.
  • Crystallization of marble.
  • Maintaining hard floors.
  • Care of marble, granite, travertine, sandstone.


Depending on the needs of the service after the restoration of stone and concrete floors, we can obtain for you a technology to maintain constant surface gloss and ongoing care of the floor.